The Dangerous World of Dental Tourism

The Dangerous World of Dental Tourism

Dental tourism has grown in popularity in recent years, with many people planning holidays around visits to overseas physicians seeking less expensive treatment than they can receive at home. While it may appear to be all flash and glamour, there are several reasons to rethink visiting abroad for dental care. Today, we’ll go through the most serious risks associated with dental tourism!

Recovery Complications

While most dental operations are quite safe, there is always the possibility of complications, especially if you have had work done in an uncontrolled setting. Complications distant from home might be considerably riskier and more serious than those encountered close to your personal doctor. Language limitations might complicate your operation, and misunderstandings about your recuperation needs can be dangerous. Furthermore, flying after surgery can cause blood clots and that surgery overseas has a high risk of infection.

Dentists Have No Familiarity With Your Teeth

Your dentist has a complete record of your previous medical requirements and operations at home. There is a general body of information about your requirements and medical history that may assist your dentist in treating whatever condition is present at the time. When going overseas, there are no previous dental records to consult, no knowledge of how you respond to specific medicines, and a general lack of personal understanding that might put you in danger in ways that seeing a trusted dentist at home would not.


Everyone has heard of someone visiting overseas and discovering that their body does not agree with the local cuisine or water. While most concerns of this sort may be prevented by thorough hand washing, eating specific foods, and drinking filtered water, having a dental operation performed introduces a new risk of germ and bacterium exposure. It is advised that medical treatments performed overseas can raise your chances of coming into touch with drug-resistant germs as well as your overall risk of sickness.

Hidden Costs

Dental surgery overseas may appear to be less expensive at first sight, but be wary of hidden fees. Calculate the cost of flight and hotel for each return trip if your dental surgery necessitates many visits for follow-up appointments or modifications. It might end up costing you more money in the long run. What happens if unanticipated issues arise? Because the level of care is lower in other countries, the failure rate is greater, which implies that returning for a re-do is a real possibility.

Northcote Dental

As enticing as it may seem, combining a holiday with low-cost dentistry is not a good idea. Local dental treatment incorporates follow-up appointments, which are not always an option when travelling, in addition to following tight, legislated norms and regulations. These follow-up visits contribute to case success in the short and long term. If cost is a motivator for you, we may be able to work with you to reduce your financial load through financing options. We want you to receive proper treatment, and putting off dental repairs has hazards, so call us to arrange an appointment; we can review your dental care and give you with the right oral services before your dental problems become larger health issues.

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