Root Canal Treatment

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Root Canal Treatment and what it is

Root Canal Treatment and what it is

What is Root Canal Treatment?

Inside every tooth are nerves and blood vessels that make the tooth alive, healthy and allow you to feel sensation in the tooth. The nerves and blood vessels of the tooth sit inside narrow passages or canals, and this is referred to as the root canal of the tooth. In cases of severe tooth decay, trauma, large cavities, or extreme tooth wear, the nerves and blood vessel can become damaged or diseased. When this happens, an infection will form which leads to toothache or an abscess. The aim of a root canal is to repair and save your tooth. Root canal treatment involves alleviating your toothache by removing the infected nerves and blood vessels, cleaning the canals inside the tooth, and filling the canals with a filling to seal the tooth up again. Root canal treatment involves highly delicate work so, at Northcote Dental, we perform this with precision using specialised rotary instruments.

Why might I need one?

Root canal treatments are frequently favoured by patients and dentists over tooth extractions because they preserve the natural tooth. Every tooth has a small nerve structure inside it that can become infected or inflamed, causing a toothache.

Signs you may need root canal treatment:

  • Constant toothache with limited relief even when using pain relievers
  • Swelling or lump next to the gum
  • Pain when biting down
  • If you have knocked a tooth, you may notice it start to change colour and become dark
  • Deep decay that has reached the nerve of the tooth

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