At Northcote Dental, we offer a range of different orthodontic treatments to straighten your teeth

At Northcote Dental, we provide a variety of orthodontic treatment options to help you straighten your teeth. Our dentists will evaluate your or your child’s problems and suggest the best course of action. Please contact us!

Fixed braces and different types

Fixed braces and different types

What are Fixed Braces?

Fixed braces are made of brackets which are little metal attachments glued to the surfaces of teeth, and/or bands that are connected together by a wire. Fixed orthodontic appliances are the most common in our practice because it is the most effective and efficient way to move teeth into their ideal position. We use several options for fixed braces, these are the following (traditional, clear, and incognito).

We use several options for fixed braces:

Traditional Braces:

Traditional braces are made from stainless steel. At Northcote Dental we use the Damon self-ligating braces. This system of braces is not only comfortable for patients, but it eliminates the need for elastic or metal ‘ties’ making it easier for you to keep your teeth clean. It uses special technology that aligns your teeth and enhances facial aesthetics, usually without extractions or expanders. Damon braces also move teeth faster and require fewer adjustments.

Clear Braces:

Damon braces also come in clear brackets that are white and made from ceramic. These are a great option, especially for adults who don’t want the appearance of metal braces but want the benefits of this type of brace’s efficiency in moving teeth. They are often used for the upper front teeth. Unfortunately, clear braces are more fragile than metal brackets and are slightly more expensive too.

Incognito (Lingual) Braces:

These are stainless steel metal braces glued to the inside of the teeth instead of the outside of teeth, so it is almost ‘invisible’ to see smiling. It can be called “lingual” or “invisible” braces. While very aesthetic it does come with some disadvantages including high costs and increased irritation to the tongue and gums.

Orthodontic appliances either removable or fixed

Orthodontic appliances either removable or fixed

What are Orthodontic Appliances?

Orthodontic Appliances otherwise known as plates are another effective way of moving teeth. They can be removable or fixed in the mouth. These are often used in younger children during the early treatment of teeth and are designed to take the best advantage of the growth stages in an individual. Facial development in children is 60% complete by the age of 6 and 90% by the age of 12. Intervening at an earlier age allows us to work with the greatest growth of your child simplifying the treatment.

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