Tooth Extraction

Need to have a tooth taken out? It's normal to feel nervous.

At Northcote dental we know that the idea of having a tooth extraction can be daunting. However there’s no need to stress because a tooth removal can be done with minimal to no pain at all. It’s often a quick procedure that’s not as bad as you have imagined.

Tooth Extractions at Northcote Dental

Tooth Extractions at Northcote Dental

What is an Extraction & Why is it Needed?

A dental extraction is the removal of the entire tooth from the mouth. A tooth extraction if often needed when the tooth is infected or severely damaged or decayed such that other alternatives such as a filling, crown or root canal is not possible. Sometimes a tooth may also need removal for orthodontics when there is not enough space for all the teeth or when wisdom teeth are impacted i.e. stuck in the jawbone.

Is It Ok To Remove My Tooth?

While our goal for all our patients is to save as many teeth as possible, at Northcote Dental we understand that there are times when this is not the best treatment. A dental extraction can bring significant benefits, the main one being relieving a painful toothache and removing infection. Getting rid of a rotten tooth gets rid of the source of the problem, prevents further complications down the road and helps with a quicker recovery. Once the tooth is removed, you can replace the gap with several options such as an implant, bridge or denture. Our dentists are more than happy to discuss these gap replacement options with you.

Some Frequently Asked Questions on Tooth Extractions

Don’t worry, at Northcote Dental you can relax in our capable hands. Our dentists are experienced with tooth extractions and will ensure that you are as comfortable as possible. They will make sure that you tooth is numb with local anaesthetic before starting the removal process. If you feel any pain at all, let our dentists know, and additional anaesthesia will be applied. All you should experience is a sensation of pressure, which can sometimes feel a little strange, but is not painful.

If you are very nervous about getting your tooth removed, at Northcote Dental we offer a range of sedation services to put you at ease during your tooth extraction appointment. Sedation makes you feel relaxed during your dental appointment. Let our dentists know you are interested in sedation and they will discuss what options are best for you.

This depends on the tooth and number of teeth to be removed at the appointment. A routine tooth removal is a 30-60 minute appointment.

This can vary from person to person and depends on the extraction procedure.  Our dentists often recommend 1-3 days of rest following your appointment. Our dentist can write you a medical certificate if you need to take time off work to recover. A quick recovery is often helped by following the aftercare instructions given by our dentist to you. This involves keeping the extraction site clean by doing regular mouth rinses and taking your medication prescribed to you as advised.

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