Teeth Whitening

Do you want a brighter and whiter smile?

Teeth whitening is a popular and affordable way to make your teeth shine bright. Whitening your teeth is a great way to bring back the sparkle into your smile and leave you bursting with new self-confidence.

Teeth Whitening at Northcote Dental

Teeth Whitening at Northcote Dental

What is Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening involves using a whitening or bleaching material (containing hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide gel) that helps remove surface stains and discolouration from your teeth. This makes the teeth lighter, whiter, and brighter. At Northcote Dental Centre, we offer a range of whitening options from custom made take-home kits to in-clinic whitening procedures.

Is Teeth Whitening safe for my teeth?

Whitening is safe when it is done correctly. However whitening gels contain bleaching chemicals that when used wrongly can result in too much loss of minerals in your teeth. This may result in increased sensitivity and weaken your teeth. It is very important to visit your dentist for a whitening consultation before getting any treatment so they can check what is suitable for your and give you advice on how to use the whitening materials. It is not recommended to use do it yourself whitening kits or products bought online or over the counter as they may not be safe or suitable for your teeth.

Our Teeth Whitening Options

Our Teeth Whitening Options

In-Clinic Whitening

If you are wanting that instant whitening result, then in-clinic whitening is the way to go! Our dental team can whiten your teeth using a stronger whitening material than home kit gels, so you walk out with that brightened smile. In the clinic, whitening takes approximately 1-2 hours. For severely discoloured teeth you may require additional whitening visits to get the desired result.

It is best to see a dentist for a pre-whitening consultation to check your suitability for whitening and discuss which option is best for you. Book in at Northcote Dental for your free 15-minute whitening consultation.

Take-home whitening

Take-home whitening kits are custom made whitening trays that are fitted onto your upper and lower teeth. Your dentist will take moulds of your teeth to make these trays. Once the trays are ready, you can start your whitening at home. It is super easy to do- just place a small drop of whitening on each tooth on the tray and wear the trays as instructed by your dentist. Typically, you wear it overnight for 2 weeks to see results.

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