Orthodontic Treatment For Adults

We are frequently asked whether people are too old for orthodontic treatment but the simple answer is no

There is no real upper age limit for treatment as long as your teeth are healthy. Modern orthodontics are not just for kids or teens but adults included! The number of adults getting orthodontic treatment is increasing especially with the development of more cosmetic and comfortable options including clear braces and Invisalign.

Orthodontics for Adults at Northcote Dental

Orthodontics for Adults at Northcote Dental

Benefits of Treatment as an Adult

  • Improve your smile, boost your self-esteem and confidence
  • Straight teeth can improve your ability to bite and chew food
  • Improved ability to keep teeth clean
  • Research shows people who have straight teeth and a good bite have reduced risk of tooth decay and gum disease
  • Can help to relieve jaw joint problems and pain

Is There an Age Limit for Orthodontic Treatment?

There is no age limit for braces. No-one should have to live with crooked teeth. As long as you have your own natural permanent teeth with healthy gums and jaw, straightening your teeth is possible. At Northcote Dental, we are here to help adults get their best smiles in place with our professional orthodontics treatments, including braces or Invisalign.

Do Braces Take Longer for Adults?

The length of treatment depends on each individual case, the amount of correction needed, and type of treatment. On average, Braces or Invisalign is required for about one to two years. Teeth movement may be a little slower in adults due to denser bone around the roots of the teeth compared to a teenager. Generally, it is not one’s age but rather how crooked or how large the gaps between one’s teeth are that determines the length of time for which braces must be worn.

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