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Northcote Dental offers orthodontics for all ages so you can straighten your teeth. Our experienced dentists provide a range of orthodontic options from traditional braces to clear aligner Invisalign treatment so you can get your teeth back into line and transform your smile for life.

Some Frequently Asked Questions on Orthodontics

Orthodontics is an area of dentistry that focuses on the growth, development and proper alignment of teeth, jaws and the face. It helps to prevent and treat dental irregularities. Malocclusion (a bad bite) can make your teeth look unsightly but it also causes other problems. Overcrowding in the mouth can make it difficult to clean your teeth properly which can lead to plaque build-up and decay. Overcrowding can also cause difficulty chewing and speech problems.

Most orthodontic problems are inherited but they can also be influenced by factors including:

  • Habits such as lip biting, thumb sucking, or tongue thrusting
  • Abnormal breathing habits or airway issues
  • Gum disease, loss of teeth, dental decay
  • Trauma
  • Grinding (bruxism)

It is not always easy to tell whether you or your child has a problem but common signs include:

  • Front teeth sticking out (bucked teeth)
  • Visible space between top and bottom teeth (open bite)
  • Top teeth covering >25% of lower teeth (deep bite)
  • Bottom teeth in front of top teeth (under bite)
  • Overlapping, blocked out teeth or misplaced teeth (crowding)
  • More teeth than usual (supernumerary teeth)
  • Gaps or abnormal spaces between teeth
  • Unbalanced facial appearance
  • Early loss of baby teeth
  • Difficulty in biting or chewing

This depends on each individual case, the amount of correction needed, length of treatment, and type of treatment. It can range from $500 to correct a simple problem to $6500 for a set of upper and lower braces. Invisalign treatment can range from $4000- 10000. Our dentists at Northcote dental will be able to give you a better indication of how much your treatment will cost after your initial orthodontic consultation.

Again this depends on each individual case, the amount of correction needed, and type of treatment. On average,  braces or Invisalign is required for about one to two years.

Getting braces or clean aligners put on isn’t a painful procedure. However, most patients will feel some discomfort or mild pain in the first few weeks when the braces are first put on until they get used to them. It is also normal to feel a bit uncomfortable for a day or two after adjustment appointments that occur approximately every 4-8 weeks. With Invisalign® treatment you may experience some discomfort or pressure for a few days with each change of aligners. This is completely normal and is a sign that Invisalign is doing its job – moving your teeth to their new, straighter position.

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