Want straight teeth without having to wear braces?

Do you want straight teeth and a beautiful smile but don’t want to wear traditional braces? With our Invisalign treatment, the Northcote Dental team can help you achieve the results you desire! Make an appointment for a free consultation right now!

Invisalign Clear Aligners

Invisalign Clear Aligners

What is Invsialign?

Launched in 1999, Invisalign is a clear aligner that consists of a series of plastic trays that are custom made to fit your teeth. Each tray is worn for about 2 weeks so gradually over time as you progress in trays, it will gently move your teeth into their ideal position. Being made of clear transparent plastic, Invisalign is practically invisible to a layman’s eyes.

Many people prefer this treatment to traditional braces since it is less noticeable, more comfortable, and easier to manage when it comes to eating and dental hygiene. If you want to attempt a more advanced tooth alignment method, Invisalign might be the correct choice for you.

Why Choose Invisalign?

  • Better aesthetics – clear transparent trays means there is no need for metal braces or wires so treatment is discreet. It allows you to straighten your teeth without your friends and colleagues ever knowing.
  • Comfortable to wear – Invisalign trays are made from precise moulds of your teeth, so they fit comfortably over your teeth. This custom fit reduces any irritation to gums, lips or soft tissues around the teeth
  • Removable – Invisalign trays are removable which allows you to brush and clean your teeth like normal. This promotes good oral health and reduces risk of tooth decay or gum disease
  • Less disruption to your day to day activities – Invisalign trays can be removed when you are eating so you can continue your normal diet
  • Less visits at the dentist – you can change your Invisalign trays at home which means fewer routine visits to your dentist for adjustments.

How Long Does Treatment Take With Invisalign?

Full treatment with Invisalign depends on the amount of correction and movement of teeth required for each individual case. A standard full treatment Invisalign case usually takes around 1-2 years of treatment.

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