Different Types Of Dentures And Their Uses

Different Types Of Dentures And Their Uses

Different types of dentures are used depending on how many teeth need to be replaced and how they are maintained in the mouth. Existing teeth may be utilised to secure dentures or to build a dental bridge, while implants may be placed for further support.


Why Would You Need Dentures

Missing teeth can have an impact on your look. Not only is your smile affected, but so are your speaking and eating. There might be a variety of reasons for missing teeth. The most prevalent cause of tooth loss is periodontal disease or decay. Periodontal diseases weaken the gums, causing the teeth to shift out of their sockets. This increases with age, and the teeth may eventually become extremely mobile or loose and may fall out or be pulled by a dentist. Similarly, decaying teeth may necessitate tooth extraction.

Dentures replace your missing teeth to not only improve your smile but also your ability to eat. A lack of teeth can look aesthetically poor and can also cause chewing problems. With dentures, you have a more optimal chewing ability for better digestion. Dentures can also enhance your appearance by getting rid of any gaps in between your teeth and also support your lips to provide a natural fullness to your face. With dentures, you can smile, converse and eat normally again.


Complete Dentures

Complete dentures are dental prosthetic items that replace all lost teeth in a jaw. They constitute a complete set of 28 teeth, however single complete dentures for one jaw can also be created if the opposite jaw has some healthy teeth. Complete dentures are often composed of acrylic and have acrylic teeth on the base. These are often detachable and may be taken off at night. However, in recent years, more and more people have opted for implant-supported full dentures, which give you with permanent teeth.


Partial Dentures

When you have some natural teeth missing but still have some healthy teeth, partial dentures are an excellent option to restore your smile. They are removable dentures with a bridge or wire that are used to replace one or more missing teeth. Different materials can be used to make partial dentures (acrylic, flexible or metal). Your dentist will go through the benefits and drawbacks of these materials with you and recommend the best solution for you.


Denture Realignment

If your dentures are worn, discoloured, cracked, unpleasant, or lose, you may require changes to improve their comfort. Denture adjustments or relines are straightforward procedures that may be completed on the same day or within a few days following your appointment.


Dentures At Northcote Dental

How can you know which sort of denture would be most beneficial to you? Make an appointment with our dentists now so that we can help you determine which type of denture is ideal for you.

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