Free For Teens

We all know that it can be hard to motivate your teenager to brush and floss at home

Yet dental care for adolescent teens is extremely important. Regular check ups, treatment and education about dental care at Northcote Dental can help children and teenagers establish good dental care habits for life.

Free dental care for teens

Free dental care for teens

Free Dental Care for 13-18 Year Olds

Northcote Dental is registered with the Ministry of Health to provide FREE dental treatment for qualifying teenagers from School Year 9 up until their 18th birthday. Teenagers are entitled to a yearly free check up (including x-rays) and clean. Our dentists will assess if further treatment is required and provide care if necessary.

*Note: Orthodontics or braces is unfortunately not covered by the Ministry of Health. We do however provide a variety of payment options so your child can still receive Orthodontic treatment at Northcote Dental.

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