ACC & Emergency Services

Do you have a dental emergency?

Dental Accidents with Northcote Dental

Dental Accidents with Northcote Dental

Dental Accidents and Injuries

Just experienced an accident or injury to your face? If you or your child has recently fallen over, knocked their tooth, or had an accident at school/work/home, then urgent dental services is needed. Northcote Dental is a registered provider for ACC.  We provide emergency and accident care for all ages throughout the year. Our team of dentists are highly experienced to deal with all forms of dental trauma and injury care.

Dental Emergencies at Northcote Dental

Dental Emergencies at Northcote Dental

Dental Emergencies

Are you in pain from your tooth or gums and need an emergency appointment? Northcote Dental is here to help. We offer emergency dental services for anyone who is in pain and needs urgent care. Dental emergencies can include toothache, fractured teeth, facial swelling, bleeding, lost fillings etc. Dental emergencies can be extremely painful and inconvenient. They often come on all of a sudden without warning which can be stressful for you.

Some Frequently Asked Questions on ACC & Emergency Services

Treatment under ACC is funded for individuals who have sustained injuries. This can be injuries from an accident, by a sporting injury or as a result of medical or dental treatment. If you have had a dental injury as a result of an accident, your initial ACC consultation is free of charge. All treatment for children under 18 years old Is free. For adults, treatment can often also be free of charge, however more complex treatments may have a surcharge. Our dentists will always inform you of any charges that apply before performing treatment.

If you suffer from a dental injury, please ring your dentists as soon as possible to arrange an appointment. Your dentist will help you to fill out an ACC claim form. At your initial consultation, your dentist will examine your teeth and diagnose the problems. In most cases urgent treatment will be provided on the day of the consultation to relieve any pain and fix urgent problems. Your dentist will organise further appointments for additional care if needed.

If you are suffering from toothache or pain from a dental injury or emergency, please contact us at Northcote Dental as soon as possible. If you are unable to see your dentist immediately, our dental team will be able to help you on ways to manage the pain. This may include taking suitable pain relief medication to take the edge off and also using a cold compress to reduce any swelling.

If you chip or fracture your tooth, our dentists recommend that you try and find the broken piece or pieces of the tooth if possible. There may be a chance that your dentist can re glue the broken pieces together. Keep the broken piece or pieces of tooth in a small container and fill with milk or saliva. Clean your mouth with warm water and try to hold an ice pack against the damaged area to keep swelling down. Ring us at Northcote Dental as soon as possible to book in an emergency appointment. When you come in for your appointment, bring the tooth pieces so our dentists can repair the broken tooth. If we are unable to repair the tooth using your own tooth, we can create a natural looking filling to repair the chipped tooth as best as we can.

If this is part of your child’s first set of teeth, then this is normal, and no action is required. Children naturally will lose their baby teeth from the ages of 5 to 12. When their baby teeth have fallen out, their new set of adult teeth will start pushing through their gums to grow into the space. If an adult tooth has been knocked out as a result of an accident or injury, this is a lot more serious and needs urgent attention. If you can find the tooth, we recommend that you hold the tooth by the crown and try not to touch the root of the tooth. Rinse the tooth in running water for a few seconds gently.  Do not brush the tooth or try to clean it. If you feel brave enough, you can attempt to return the tooth back into its socket (hole in your mouth). If you do not feel up for this, place the missing tooth into a small container filled with whole milk instead. As soon as you have done this  ring us straight away, the quicker we can deal with the emergency, the higher the chances are that we can save your tooth.

If you have a dental injury or emergency and need urgent help, please call us to speak to our dental team on what you need to do next.