Is My Child Too Young To Have Braces?

Is My Child Too Young To Have Braces?

Your child’s back bite has finished developing by the time they are seven. As a result, the dentist will be able to assess how your child’s teeth relate to one another, both frontally and laterally. This kind of early screening enables the dentist to identify any existing issues and foresee any potential issues in the future. They can then choose the most effective treatment strategy for their child based on what they see.

How Early Can My Child Have Braces?

When a kid has lost the majority of his or her baby (primary) teeth and the majority of adult (permanent) teeth have come in, often between the ages of 8 and 14, therapy with dental braces is traditionally started. Interceptive or preventive care can make use of your child’s growth to steer the targeted result while development takes place if therapy is required throughout this period.

The option that is ideal for you and your child will mostly rely on how serious their dental issues are. The best course of action should be discussed with your child’s dentist or orthodontist. Your orthodontic treatment will have long-lasting consequences on you (if they continue to take care of their teeth and wear their retainer).

Signs My Child May Need Braces

We recommend children from the age of 7, visit us for a checkup. Your child may struggle to chew food or speak if they have overcrowding or biting issues. Additionally, gum damage and jaw strain might result from these issues.

Here are a few warning indicators that your young child may require braces:

  • Biting and chewing challenges
  • missing or obstructed teeth
  • Overcrowded teeth
  • perpetual cheek biting
  • a gap between the teeth
  • Their jaw or teeth are disproportionate to their face.

You might need to take your child to the dentist even before they turn seven if you observe any of these symptoms. Call us at Northcote Dental today to determine the best course of action for your child. We also offer free 15-minute consultations to have all your questions answered!

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